Matchbook0% Commission on Winning Bets

New customers only, 18+, withdrawal and Deposit restrictions apply, time limits apply, Any bets placed may be back bets or lay bets at any odds, customer eligibility at Matchbook's discretion. Zero Percent Commission applies until end of 2018.

Matchbook Betting Exchange

Get 0% Commission at Matchbook for a Limited Time Only
Matchbook are a leading Sports Betting Exchange that allow customers to back and lay when it comes to a massive range of sporting events.

For the rest of 2018, customers can enjoy 0% commission when it comes to all winning bets. This means that Matchbook will allow you to keep 100% of your winnings that are made from exchange bets as opposed to the usual 5%.

Matchbook are especially strong when it comes to football, horse racing, tennis, golf and basketball, although they cover many more sports and there is often good liquidity when it comes to the betting markets you are choosing.

How Matchbook works
A betting exchange like Matchbook gives customers more choice than a fixed-odds bookmaker such as bet365 or William Hill.

Effectively you are betting against other people rather than against the bookie. You can choose to be a “backer” and bet in the regular way or become a “layer” and effectively act as a bookmaker by accepting someone else’s bet on the other side of the market.

In addition, you don’t have to “back” or “lay” at the prices you find on the Matchbook website. You can request bigger odds for your bet in the hope that someone will match your price request.

How much can I bet at Matchbook?
It comes down to your sports betting market. For example, the 2018 Champions League final between Liverpool and Real Madrid saw massive sums of money matches on the Matchbook exchange, so you could bet up to £2,000 on the Reds at a best price of 3.2.

However, some of the other betting markets for this match might have less liquidity, so you might find worse odds and less money available for some of the other markets.

You can also do something called “trading” at Matchbook. This means that you might place a “back” bet at odds of 11.0 and then potentially “lay” at a shorter price, thus securing a profit whatever happened.

Can I trust Matchbook?
Yes you can. only work with reputable sports betting exchange companies and Matchbook offer a very viable alternative to betfair, especially as they often go 0% commission which means there is no commission to be paid on your winning bets.

Matchbook have head offices in London and Cork, with this forward-thinking company aiming to end the dominance of betfair.

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